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Our Philosophy

"From little acorns, oak trees grow"

TACTA was formed in response to the scarcity of training for counsellors and psychotherapists in Central England, particularly training that facilitates stepping onto a ladder of training, with multiple access and exit points.  Each stage of our training gives attendees a valid Award or Certificate of Proficiency.

Depending upon the level attained, student can achieve a recognised qualification that aligns to BACP membership or UKCP accreditation., provided all requirements and obligations have been met by the student.   See our training points page for further details.

 Learning and Developing with TACTA

Our Directors are both passionate about the learning and development of individuals and groups, with a focus on transformational learning and reaching of full potential.  Although our focus is Transactional Analysis, our approach is integrative in its content and context. 

We offer a four year programme with multiple entry and exit points and will be offering a Child and Adolescent course to provide our students with a qualification to work with these groups. 

Additional CPD days and workshops are scheduled into our annual programme, working alongside our host organisation the Elysia Centre.